Small Linux Server HOWTO


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Table of Contents

Legal Info
Copyright and License
Requirements to Make SLS
Hardware Requirements
Software Requirements
Required Prior Knowledge
Getting Started
Installation of Initial Linux
Optimal System to Create SLS
Workable System to Create SLS
SLS Filesystem
Quick Testing
Kernel Configuration
SLS Kernel Considerations
Putting Filesystem on Ramdisk
How Initrd Works
How SLS Works
Creating Initrd Image from Folder of Filesystem
Testing Initrd on Machine
Putting SLS onto CD
Other Ways to Boot SLS
File Listing of SLS Filesystem
Kernel .config (2.6.9-1667)


This document provides information on creating a bootable CD from scratch that runs entirely on ramdisk. It can support multiple servers, and can also act as a router. It is very tiny, around 30MB, and is minimalized from the Fedora Core distribution. This document is for instruction and also for customization of the system.

Information will be found here on many different aspects of the linux system. Filesystem structure of Linux, ramdisks and creating an initrd, booting the initrd straight, and packaging everything onto a nice CD.